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Academic Roles
Professor Shimon Shetreet has in recent years held many visiting positions, including, in recent years: Herbert Smith Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge (2008, 2010), Senior Academic Visitor at Clare College (2010), Visting Professor of Law at City University of Hong Kong (February 2013) Visiting Professor at the Center of Jewish Studies University of Potsdam and Abraham Geiger Kolleg, Berlin (spring 2013), Visiting Professor of Law at University of San Diego (fall 2008, 2011), Visiting Distinguished Scholar of Comparative Law at the University of San Diego (fall 2013), Visiting Professor at the Old dominion University (fall 2009, fall 2010), and Visiting Professor and Owens Chair of Middle East Studies at University of Utah (spring 2014). Professor Shetreet is also Member of the Interntional Adviosry board for the Journal of International and Comparative Law (2013 – henceforth). Also, Professor Shetreet delivered many keynote lectures, such as, in recent years: KK Nambyar Lecture 2009 New Delhi and Chenai ,India, the Human Rights Day Keynote Speaker for the Indian Human Rights Association in New Delhi, December 2010, the 10th Fiat Justizia Lecture, February 2013, at the Monash University Faculty of law, Melbourne, Australia, the Kanter Lecture of Interfaith, Old Dominion University, October 2008.
Professor Shetreet published extensively all the years including when he was serving in high public offices. He is author and editor of a number of books, including: Judges on Trial (1976), Judicial Independence: The Contemporary Debate with Chief Justice Jules Deschenes (1985), The Role of Courts in Society (1988), National Security and Free Speech (1991), Pioneers in Tears: Anthology on North African Jewry (1991), Justice in Israel(1994), Women in Law (1998), The Good Land between Power and Religion (1998), Law and Social Pluralism(2002), On Adjudication (2004), Culture of Judicial Independence: Conceptual Foundations and Practical Challenges, with Christopher Forsyth (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012), Uniform Civil Code: The Challenge of Implementing Uniform Civil Code for India ,with Hiram Chodosh (2013), and Judges on Trial :Independence and Accountability of the English Judiciary,2nd ed. with Sophie Turenne (2013).
He is also the author of numerous publications in legal journals in Israeli and overseas law reviews. Prof. Shetreet’s book "Judges on Trial: A Study of the Appointment and the Accountability of the English Judiciary" (1976) was relied upon by the House of Lords in the Pinochet Case in January 1999. The same book, and other of
Professor Shetreet works as well, have also been relied upon in numerous Highest court cases in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.
For a full publication list, please see here.
International Activity
Professor Shetreet is very active on the international level. He served as General Coordinator for the International Bar Association project for the New Delhi Code of Minimum Standards of Judicial Independence during 1980-1982. He also acted as Speaker, General Rapporteur and Chairman in numerous legal international conferences of leading academic and professional organizations, including, International Bar Association First World Conference on the Independence of Justice and the Congress of Comparative Law and International Association on Procedural Law. In the years 2007-2011 he has chaired a major international project of judicial independence.
In recent years Professor Shetreet, together with Prof Christopher Forsyth, was the head of the International Project on Judicial Independence, which held ten international conferences. Professor Shetreet also serves as thePresident of RPO - Religion for Peace Organization.
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