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Public Appearances

Achieving a Culture of Peace

The Institute of Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA host the Second Annual Evelyn Kanter Lecture in Interfaith Understanding

Shetreet Government Game (2009)

Professor Shetreet discusses strategy during the break in negotiations. Poland

Chief Justice Prof. Aharon Barak Registration in the Marroccan Golden Book (Hebrew)


The Role of the Israeli Supreme Court in Israel Society (2008) (Hebrew)

Professor Shetreet Lecture Starts on 01:22:00

Equitable distribution of state lands in light of Supreme Court ruling (2007) (Hebrew)

JNF Conference

Minister with a Moral Turpitude (Hebrew)

The Knesset Channel

Judges on Trial, 2 ed. (2013)

Launch event in Jerusalem 

Conference on Limits of Law, 25.12.2013, at a book launch of Culture of Judicial Independence (2013)

 "Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis: Lessons For Preventing the Next Genocide?"


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